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Just Because You WANT a Dog Doesn’t Mean You Should GET a Dog!

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Pet ownership

Puppies, dogs, pets, furry four-legged friends! After all, how can you resist those adorable puppy or kitten eyes, cute tail and all of the fun? Sure, dogs and cats are great! Simply because you are attracted to the idea of getting a dog or cat, doesn’t mean pet ownership would be a good idea for you.

Here are a few signs that suggest pet ownership might not be right for you:

They’re For Security Only

If you want to get a dog solely for protection and to replace having to get a security system, a dog is not for you. A dog needs to be loved, fed and treated like a member of the family, not an appliance. Buy that security system and move along…

You Aren’t Willing To Commit To Routine Care

If you do not want to commit to the regular and routine care of a pet, such as annual visits to the vet as well as those unexpected ones when certain health issues, arise, then get a houseplant or take up a hobby. Having a pet is not a part-time responsibility.

You Live In A “No Pets Allowed” Zone

If a “No Pets Allowed” sign hangs on the property in which you live, such as apartment complexes and condo units, please do not try to sneak one in.

Eventually, you will be discovered and will most likely have to give up the dog or cat. And do you know where that dog or cat will probably end up? In a shelter! Do you really think that is fair to the pet?

You Have An Overly Busy Schedule

If you have a highly demanding professional and/or personal schedule, it’s doubtful you will have the time to devote to a pet. You cannot leave a dog or cat alone for hours on end.  A pet (either dog or cat) wants time with his people, and not giving  that time will crush his spirit.

They Look “Cool”

Do you want a dog or cat simply because you saw one on TV or out and about somewhere and thought he looked “cool?” Before bringing a pet home, do some research to learn more about the breed to determine if it would be a good fit for you. Don’t adopt a dog or cat on impulse!


If any of these factors we’ve discussed apply to you, but you still love pets, consider volunteering an a local animal shelter.  Volunteer opportunities include dog walking and socializing cats that come into the shelter.

These are great ways to get your dog or cat “fix” and help pets find forever homes.

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