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Could Your Personality Have Something to Do With Your Choice of Pets?

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difference between dog and cat guardians

It’s time for that amazing feline, Party Marty, to dish on the blog.  Yes, I do work and to that end I have been doing my due diligence online trying to find something intelligent to share today, and I hit the jackpot!  Did you know there is a difference between dog and cat guardians?

According to an online article found on, there is definitely a difference between dog and cat guardians.  Heck! Even I could have told you that!

If you love cats, then you are clearly above those who love dogs.  However, in an effort to be fair, I will present both sides of the matter with equal enthusiasm and open-mindedness….sort of!

Different Personalities

. Those who love dogs tend to be more upbeat and lively…energetic and out going. They also tend to follow the rules.

Based on recent research from Facebook dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people. Although dog people have more friends, research shows dog and cat guardians check in to roughly the same number of places each week.

On the other hand, cat people get invited to more events, so they’re putting their friendships to good use!

Cat lovers, however, are more introverted, sensitive and open-minded. And, rather than following the rules, they tend to prefer coloring outside the lines. I get that. Since when have you known this cat to bend to authority?

Product of Their Environment

Part of the reason for the disparity in personalities of dog lovers versus cat lovers may stem from the environments in which they live.

Dog people tend to be more lively because they want to be outside, talking to people, integrating, and bringing their dogs along.

Facebook’s research found (based on page likes) cat people seem to enjoy more indoor activities: Books, TV, and movies.

Cat people are especially fond of fantasy, sci-fi, and anime, while dog people like love stories and things about dogs.

We Like To Spend Time With Those Most Like Us

Finally, it has been suggested that people pick one over the other based upon their own personalities. Are you outgoing? Chances are, you have a dog. Are you quiet and introverted?  Just how many cats do you have?

Well, it’s time for me to check out for the day. I am already behind on my napping schedule! Love to you all!



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