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Client Tribute: Good-Bye Ms. Tippy, You Will Be Missed!

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The hardest part of being a pet care provider is the passing of a longtime client.  Unfortunately, this post is a tribute to a longtime dog walking client, Tippy (I nicknamed her TipTop), that passed away this morning.

I met Tippy about three years ago.  She was a black Pomeranian, lots of attitude wrapped up in a cute little package.  When taking her for a walk, people we encountered often commented on how cute she was, saying she reminded them of a little bear.

Tippy had a strong point of view and didn’t hesitate to express herself.  Other dogs that dared to walk on “her” sidewalk were reminded of their intrusion. She LOVED her treats, and would always expect one when we got back from our walk.  Failure to provide proper treat would lead to stern look and sometimes a little bark as a reminder.

She was already considered senior (12 years old) when I met her, but she kept active, enjoying her daily walks.  Recently, numerous health issues caused her to slow down, but still she persevered.  Last week she became quite ill, her kidneys weren’t working as they should to filter impurities out of her system.  This, along with other health issues, were more than her little body could overcome.

Tippy made me smile every time I visited her, and I will miss her terribly.  For such a small girl, she will leave a gigantic void in the lives of those who knew and loved her.

Rest well, Ms. Tiptop.  It was difficult to write a tribute that would grab the essence of you. I hope you approve of this one, and know that I look forward to crossing paths with you again down the line and going for one of our walks!