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Pet Services

Personalized pet care to pamper your dog and cat.

Listen to a brief overview of the services Joy of Living offers for both dogs and cats.


Pet Sitting - dog and cat

You are your pet’s favorite companion. Their universe revolves around you. When work, travel or other commitments keep you away from your furry family member, we provide them loving companionship and essential care until you return.

Our in-home pet sitting services allow your dog and cat the comfort of staying in their home minimizing the stress of separation from their family. You get peace of mind knowing a pet professional is taking loving care of your pet in the convenience of your home saving you time and effort to take them to another location.


Dog Walking services

Busy schedules can get in the way of regular exercise for all of us. But does your schedule also prevent your dog from getting the exercise heor  she needs as well?

Fit dogs, like fit humans, feel better, sleep better, and have more energy, as well as encounter fewer health and behavioral problems. If scheduling consistent exercise for your dog is challenging, let us help you get your furry family member on a regular dog walking regimen.


Overnight stay services

Some dogs just don’t do well in kennels or doggie day care, making it hard on you when you need to be away overnight or for an extended period.

Joy of Living offers the perfect alternative to reduce the anxiety for both you and your pet. We’ll come and stay with your pet in his or her own home environment so that you have a happy pet when you return.


Pet Taxi

A member of your furry family has places to go and people to see while you’re busy at work or otherwise occupied.

Let Joy of Living safely and carefully transport your dog or cat to the groomer, the vet or any other place they may need to go with our Pet Taxi Service.

We’re here to help busy pet owners with our taxi service for pet transportation and a pet errand service for pet supplies such as specialty food or prescriptions.