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Have Too Many Treats Made Your Pet Fat?: Expand the Love, not Your Pet’s Waistline, with Other Tokens of Affection

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dog obesity

Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger: I have a confession to make. I am a bit overweight these days. Yes, I like my groceries, and yes, I often have my humans wrapped around my little paws. Whenever I go outside to take care of business, I know that means a special treat awaits me when I come back inside. The frequent potty breaks have taken a toll on my expanding waistline, however, and I think it is time to discuss other options of showing love to the family pet. Sure, I enjoy the treats, but I need to focus on getting my weight down, so I turned to some information from the American Animal Hospital Association, and they have provided some great alternatives! So, please…. my dear humans…keep that meat door closed on occasion!

**Opt for a walk instead…weather permitting. Dogs love being active and doing so is not only a great stress reliever for you but the sustained aerobic activity for us can prevent excess weight gain. Yes, those walks can give us that “runner’s high” that you humans enjoy. If anything, go out in the yard and play with us! If you have a cat that is leaning towards the heavier side of the scale, use things like feather dancers, laser pointers and remote controlled toys to engage their predatory drives.

**Consider a new toy instead of food. A new toy can provide hours or fun and mental stimulation for your pet. Go one better and purchase a new collar or leash! I do like to be a styling hound!

**Belly rubs will score you big points with us! Keep those massages coming! Petting and praising are often over-looked as ways of showing love to your pet. Now, let me roll onto my back and assume the position. You did wash your hands, right?

**Talk to your dog. As silly as it sounds, telling your dog about your day, your troubles or whatever is on your mind is a good way to reduce your blood pressure. Besides, studies have shown that the average dog understands about 165 words! Go ahead…pull up a couch and spill it!

Do you get it now? We don’t need treats at every turn. Do we like them? Of course we do, but we also enjoy other expression of your love and attention!

Thanks for joining me today, but I have to run. I sense a belly rub in my near future.



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