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A Dog-Only Retirement Home? It Could Happen…and It Did!

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Jessie, the mature yet never one to admit she might be in the glorious afternoon of life, dog: Senior pets. Amazing creatures. Though not always as cute as puppies, they are typically calmer, more relaxed and not as high-maintenance as that cute little puppy that requires so much attention ‘round the clock.

However, what happens if you can no longer take care of an aging pet? Well, if you live in Japan, there is an option. Yes, caring for an aging pet can be a huge challenge. As I was surfing the internet, I discovered that Japan is home to a dog-only retirement home just outside of Tokyo! For about $1,000.00 a month, dogs can enjoy access to a playground, swimming pool, on-call veterinarian and a grooming room. Plus, owners can visit their pets any time! Wow!

Placing your pet into such a facility is certainly preferable to putting them in a shelter, as typically in such places they will spend the final years of their lives in kennels just waiting for their families to come back for them. We all know how that story typically ends. That brings tears to my eyes.

So, if you are considering getting a pet from a shelter, why not consider a senior pet? They would much prefer to be in a warm and loving environment and can truly add a lot of life to yours as they live out the final stages of theirs! The love you will receive from them in return is priceless.

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