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Lazy Days and Sun Rays: Remember to Protect Your Pet from Sunburn!

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Party Marty here!  TGIF!  I have to admit, I am really not up to this today. I have spent the better part of the last several hours lying in the sun and building up my energy to, well, continue resting throughout the weekend. 

However, as I was catching my much-needed shut-eye by the window as the sun blanketed me in its warm embrace, I began to wonder if I might be susceptible to sun burn…or at least at risk of some damage from spending time in the bright rays of the sun.

So, as I often do, I turned to the Internet to satisfy my curiosity. You know…we cats are a curious kind!

According to, this is what I learned:

Yes, pets do need sunblock just like humans do.  The areas in which we are most sensitive to the sun are the tips of the ears, the nose, the belly and the groin areas. (That is the place where the hair is sparse and the skin is thin!)

And remember…many humans give summer cuts to their pets to keep them cooler, but that simply leaves more exposed skin to the rays.

When using pet-approved/pet-safe sunblock lotions (Ask your vet, not me! I am not certified to dispense such information!), remember that dogs…and especially cats…are prone to licking off topical lotions, sprays and creams.  These substances can often be toxic to your pets.

Remember to read all instructions and directions before applying any product on your pet – and PLEASE ask your vet first!

Well, that is my handy, dandy tip of the day! Now…where was I? Oh, yes! I was in the middle of a nap. Now I have to play catch up!





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