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Life Lesson: Seize The Day

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Fun n Games at Dog Park

I’ve written several times about lessons my pet clients teach me every day.  The lesson that sticks with me the most is living in the moment.  This came back to me after the shooting here in Overland Park yesterday that left three people dead.

Some reporters have called it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the victims were all in the RIGHT place, doing what they wanted to do.

One victim, a 14 year old high school student and quite a good singer, was auditioning for a talent competition.  Another victim, the student’s grandfather, had accompanied his grandson to the audition.  The third victim was visiting her mother at a senior retirement community, something she’d done every Sunday for quite some time.

When each of these people woke up yesterday morning, none of them knew it would be the last day they saw.  This dawned on me this morning as I was complaining about the cold, snowy day……at least I was here to see the day.  So I set about doing my daily tasks but with a greater appreciation for being given the opportunity to do so.

My pet clients live in the moment, not replaying what’s already happened in the past or obsessing about what might happen in the future.  They’re living in the present, which makes a lot of sense.  That’s where the good stuff happens, can’t have fun in the past because it’s over, can’t have fun in the future because it isn’t here yet.  As I often say, pets have much more sense than we give them credit for!

So, make the most of every moment……never know when they might be taken away.


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