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It’s Time to Set Sail! Is Your Dog Ready for a High Seas Adventure? (Or the lake, at best?)

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set sail with dog

The Spirit of Bo, returning to bring you warm wishes and sunny days.  Just ask any sailor…there is nothing like being out on the sea, basking in the sun, riding the glorious waves and simply taking in the beauty of the water. Now that summer is upon us, I am sure many of you are thinking about getting your boat out for a day at the lake or some time out on the ocean waters, depending upon where you live.

If you have a dog, you may want to consider bringing him along for the journey…and that’s fine…but here are a few pointers to consider before setting sail. (Thanks to for sharing these today!)

  • It is important to create a game plan well in advance of your sailing date should your dog go overboard. Discuss this potential with everyone who will be on the boat beforehand.  Clearly, should your dog jump ship, you will want to cut the engine and go to the side of the boat from where he jumped to call him.  Keep calm and know ahead of time precisely what you will do in this event.
  • Make sure your dog has his own life jacket. Even though your dog may have proven in the past that he is a strong swimmer, certain unexpected weather conditions and water currents can suggest otherwise.  A life vest will ensure that you have something to grab onto should he fall into the water.  Most jackets have a handle to pull.  You do not want to pull your dog in by his collar. Ever.
  • Be sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit on board…not only for you but for your dog.  Make sure to have a supply of any medications your dog may be taking, too. Be sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand for your dog, too, and keep his sun exposure to a minimum.
  • Visit the boat with your dog prior to your big adventure. Let him get familiar with it – the smells, the layout and all of the surroundings. He needs to know it is a safe and secure environment.
  • Be sure to check the local laws with respect to any restrictions, regulations or requirements about having a dog on your boat. This is very crucial if entering international waters.
  • Keep the first outing on the boat at a minimum.  This will give your dog time to adjust to the movement of the boat without overwhelming him. If he does succumb to seasickness, inquire of your vet about any possible medications your dog can take for future excursions.
  • Have fun!  Ahoy, mates!



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