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Backpacks For Dogs: Give Your Dog A Job To Do

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Dogs with Backpacks

Dogs need a job. Giving a dog a job makes him a happy dog because he is doing something useful. A back pack that is made for dogs can provide that job to most dogs.

If you have a dog that always seems to be dragging you down the street, or being distracted by people or other dogs when you are on a walk then a back pack may just be the thing for you dog.

So what do you do with the back pack? Fill it with something. Depending on the size of your dog you can use everything from bottled water to a couple of bricks for a very large dog.

There is something about a pack that immediately changes dog’s behavior and gives him a working attitude. A backpack can help control a dog that has too much energy.

Having a pack to help your dog can also be a big help if you are going for a long walk or hike. The dog can carry any of his extra equipment or water bowls. He can also carry some gear for you like water, a raincoat, and maybe even a snack.

Another advantage that a backpack can offer is that walks can be shorter. Because of the weight in the pack you may find that a dog that normally needs a 45 minute walk may now only require 30 minutes to release the same amount of energy.

Many pet owners that use packs for their dogs love the idea and the positive change in their dog’s attitude. It appears a pack is an attitude adjuster when used properly with the dog that needs it.

Backpacks are available in different sizes to fit your dog and different colors. Dog backpacks are available online, in the big box pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco and sporting good stores. Give it a try and see if it helps your dog.


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