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10 Natural First Aid Solutions For Pets

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I’m working on using as many natural products in my house as possible.  It’s cheaper, often already available, and much healthier for everyone in the house, including pets.  The May 2014 issue of Dog Fancy offered these suggestions for natural treatments for pets:

  • Witch Hazel.  A natural antiseptic, soak a cotton ball and apply to minor rash, scratch or wound to sanitize the area.
  • Baking Soda.  Mix with water to make a paste and apply to insect bites or bee stings to neutralize the toxin.
  • Ginger Root.  When given in capsule form about 20 minutes before a car ride, this can minimize nausea.  Crystallized ginger or a couple bites of a gingersnap cookie may work as well.
  • Pumpkin Puree.  Helps with a variety of digestive issues including vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.  Because it’s smooth and has a good amount of fiber, it relieves constipation.  The fiber also helps calm the diarrhea.
  • Tea.  Steep a cup of black or green tea, squeeze the bag, then place the tea bag on dog’s hot spots.  Repeat this several times a day, leaving bag on the affected area about five minutes at a time.  The tannic acid in the tea tends to help dry out sores.
  • Flour or cornstarch.  When applied to a clipped toenail that’s bleeding, either of these can help stop the bleeding if you don’t have styptic powder.
  • Olive Leaf Extract.  Because of its antifungal properties, this ingredient will help calm a dog’s stomach if he’s eaten something rancid from the trash or the yard outside.
  • Hemorrhoid Wipes.  Strange as this may seem, wipes can help sooth irritated skin on dog’s paws between his toes.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.  To help fight bacterial and yeast infections, mix a milliliter per cup of water in your dog’s bowl.
  • Honey.  If your dog is diabetic and his blood sugar gets too low, a mouthful of honey can help raise the sugar level until you get him to the hospital.  Honey can also help heal a wound that’s been cleaned and disinfected.



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