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You May Be Damaging Your Dog’s Spirit and Not Even Know It

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Bolt, the Yorkie Poo guest blogger: I love my life. I have a great family, a great home, and lots of love. I have no complaints…well…there could be more opportunities for treats, but, then again, I do have to watch my figure! There are few things in life that stress me out, and that is usually when all of the teenage boys who live in this home are around at once and making lots of noise.

However, did you know there are several ways you could be stressing your dog out and crushing his spirit at the same time? You might not even realize you are doing this. Thanks to the, I have a few insights to share with you today:

1.)   If you do not give your dog adequate exercise, he can become unhappy and depressed, not to mention unhealthy. Dogs need to get outside and run around. Don’t just leave him in the backyard and walk away. He needs socialization with you. Take him on a walk or go to the dog park. He’ll love you for it!

2.)   If you continually assume the alpha role in a negative manner, especially when not necessary, you are more of a bully than a leader. If you tend to take away the dog’s food and toys just because you can, that does not assert your leadership. That only makes the dog angry, and, quite possibly, aggressive. After all, how would you like it if someone took away your food when you were eating it?

3.)   Do you yell at your dog frequently? If he has not been properly trained and all he hears is yelling, it will stress him out. He cannot understand why you are yelling and eventually you will experience one of those “boy who cried wolf” scenarios as Fido begins to run across a busy street and you yell at him not to do so. We know how that will probably end. Quit yelling! Train properly.

4.)   Do you use a crate for punishment? Don’t! Your dog should associate the crate with happy thoughts. It is a training tool, and when he is in it, you want him to be happy and willing to go in it. If you use at as a “time out” method, not only will he not understand why he is in there, but he will eventually resist going in there at all for crate training purposes. Dogs are not kids. They cannot sit and think about what they did wrong for a period of time.

5.)   If you have a busy and demanding job and are away from home for hours on end, that can wear on your dog and leave him vulnerable to depression and health issues. Dogs are social creatures. They need to interact with you and other members of the family. If he is going to be alone for hours on end, then perhaps having a dog is not a good choice of a pet for you at this time.

Thanks for dropping by…and if you are a Kansas City Royals baseball fan, then in celebration of the World Series this week, go out and play fetch with your dog! Go, Royals!


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