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Yes! You Can Drive Your Dog Crazy…and Here Are a Few Ways You Do It!

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Jessie, the adorable pooch that is in the know of all things wise and wonderful: Having a dog around the house is typically a wonderful part of life. Where else can you enjoy unconditional love around the clock? We love you no matter what you look like, smell like, act like and, well….no matter what! Even when you get upset with us because we might have an accident in the house or ruin your favorite pair of shoes, we still think you are the best thing in the world!

However, did you know that there are a few things that you humans do that drive us crazy? Believe it or not, we sometimes get a bit agitated with your habits. Thanks to, I can illuminate a few highlights for you! Read and take notes! Happy dog! Happy life!

Do you try to communicate with your dog through words? Do you emphasize what you think are our favorite words – treat, walk, leash – with the notion that we actually understand those words? It is not so much the words we understand, but the emotion and body language behind them. For all you know, we just see your lips flapping and have no idea what you are saying, unless you speak from the heart and use body language.

Do you treat your dog like a child? You know the type: framed photos of Fido all over the house; monogrammed pillows with his name on them; toys all over the place…sometimes the human goes too far and really begins to think he/she has a toddler and not a dog! However, Fido is a dog and wants to behave like one. He needs to feel like a pack member and that requires structure and discipline. So, take a page from Cesar’s book: first exercise, then discipline and finally affection. That’s the way we like to roll!

Is your dog unemployed or just plain bored? No, he does not have to work at a fast food joint, but he does need some entertainment or a job to do during the course of the day. Does he tear at the carpet, show aggression or just run wildly throughout the house? That means he is getting bored and needs something constructive to do. Dogs are born hunters. Their natural instincts cannot be stifled. If so, they can become aggressive or unruly. So, the next time you go for a walk, take your dog along and give him a pack on his back or create obstacle courses for him so he can fine-tune his scent-tracking abilities.

Are you your dog’s best buddy or pack leader? From the beginning, it is crucial that you set yourself forth as the pack leader. Sure, there is a time for play with your dog, but your dog must understand that such fun only comes when he is calm and responsive and you are still asserting yourself as the leader. Doing otherwise only serves to confuse your dog. Be consistent in your role. Otherwise, he will not know when to follow directions and can become confused.

Are you tense and nervous around your dog? Dogs are incredibly intuitive when it comes to our emotions. If you are upset, anxious or nervous about something, they quickly pick up on that. So, let’s say a relative is coming over and you are not on the best of terms with that person. Shortly after that person’s arrival to your home, your dog begins to act up , making you look like you have no dog-handling skills. Dogs crave calm, assertive energy in order to relax, but if you are uptight, stressed or anxious, they transition into “fight or flight” mode and usually resort to fight, which leads to aggressive behavior…the only way they know how to deal with the problem.

So…stay in tune with your dog. Listen to him. His needs are quite simple, actually, and if you can take care of those, you will enjoy great company and harmonious companionship.


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