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Why Won’t My Dog Eat Food From Her Dish?

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Have you noticed your dog taking food out of her dish and eating it in a different spot?  If so, there may be some specific reasons for her behavior.  Check out these suggestions:

  • Is your dog’s food dish in a busy part of the house?  Some dogs like to eat in a calm, quiet place which may account for the food moving behavior.  If the dog’s dish is in an area with a lot of activity, try moving it to a different, quieter part of the house.
  • Are her tags making too much noise?  The noise dog tags make when clanging the food dish may be upsetting your dog.  Try taking her collar off during feeding times or tape the tags together so they don’t make noise when she’s eating.
  • Does she have an issue with her food bowl?  Sometimes dogs have a problem with the size or depth of the food dish which makes it hard to eat from it.  Try a different bowl shape and/or size to see if that solves the problem.



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