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Earth Day Tips For Pets

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Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and we’d like to share some tips on ways you and your pet can help keep the world a greener and healthier place.  Check out these suggestions:

  • Doing some spring cleaning?  Instead of tossing out those old blankets, towels, pet toys, leashes, litter boxes, and/or pet bedding supplies, contact a local pet shelter and see if they could use some donations.
  • Opt for filtered water instead of bottled water for your pets.  If you must use bottled water, please be sure to recycle the bottles!
  • When picking up those little “doggie treasures” in the backyard, consider using biodegradable bags.
  • Time for Rover to get a bath?  Purchase some earth-friendly pet shampoos and other products!  Mother Nature will love you for it!
  • Make your own cleaning products.  Opt for baking soda as a carpet cleaner rather than buying commercial carpet cleaning powder.  It’s cheaper and pet friendly too!  For an economical all-purpose cleaner, put equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and shake.  Economical, no harmful chemicals and pet-friendly!

If you have any fun and amazing “green” pet tips to share with us, please let us know!  For more tips on living more eco-consicious with your pet, check out Pets Gone Green: Live a More Eco-Concious Life with Your Pets available from Amazon.


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