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Ways to Help Your Cat Just Have Fun – Party Marty Style!

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Party Marty here! Your favorite cat! Word on the street is that I just won the lottery; Jessie that mean dog is pregnant; and this will be the last post this blog will ever see.

Are you still with me? If so, know you have fallen victim to a classic April Fool’s joke and that no, I did not just win the lottery (but you did, as you are reading my post and it is golden!); no, Jessie is not pregnant (but she can be mean to me!); and no, this is not the last blog post (I plan to be around for a long time – educating, enlightening and informing the masses…at least whenever I am not napping!)

So, here is today’s Scooby Doo! Did you know that cats just want to have fun? Yes, we do!  We can get bored and when we are bored, our behavior can be less than satisfactory for you.  In fact, when we are bored, we can become aggressive with other pets as well as with people. We can also succumb to obsessive grooming and even depression. Who wants to see that in their cat?

So, I did some fun research online and have to thank for these great tips on keeping your cat one (if not two!) steps ahead of the boredom train! Read through these tips and ideas and choose some that make sense for you and your cat. You can thank me later!

  • Consider getting a feline companion for your cat – one that has a compatible personality. (Or, I can rent myself out as a cat play date!)
  • Play at least once a day for about 15 minutes with your cat.
  • Natural-born hunters, cats love to hunt, so purchase a few new toys and hide them! Then, let kitty go to town! Rotate toys so your cat does not get bored.
  • Put a window perch in a place that has a great view of the birdfeeder!
  • Put a goldfish bowl or an aquarium for your cat to observe when the birds are not at the feeder. Consider this people watching for cats!
  • Put a couple of ping pong balls in the bathtub and watch your cat go to town….feline racquetball! Better yet – slide a couple of ice cubes across the kitchen floor and there you have it – feline ice hockey!
  • Stuff cotton socks of different sizes with cotton balls and catnip. (I could use some of those!)
  • Set out something new to explore – like a cardboard box or paper grocery bag (the kind without handles, please!)
  • Get a video made for cats or one of those wildlife shows featuring birds.
  • Grab one of those laser pointers and turn out the lights or get into a dimly lit room. You know what to do from there – let the games begin!



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