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Want to Get Fit? Take a Page from the Playbook of These Dog Breeds!

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The Spirit of Bo, visiting this Earthly plane to bring wonderful insight and knowledge about the pet world:

While many of you human kind have been frantically getting in shape for swimsuit season, consider a few dog breeds that are far from slackers when it comes to being physically fit.  We all know that many dog breeds were originally bred for a specific purpose or job, such as herding, guarding or rescuing people.  Even though certain breeds are no longer called upon for such undertakings, their physical prowess can still be seen in their presence today. So…care to take a peek into the training rooms of some of the strongest breeds out there today?

The MOST MUSCULAR award goes to the American pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire and the Rottweiler. The first two are athletic and lean, boasting barrel chests and short legs, allowing for a low center of gravity that is perfect for pulling and climbing.  The Rottweiler is a bit bulkier and has longer legs and a less-defined physique. Still, its strength is amazing.

The STRONGEST JAW award goes to the Rottweiler. In fact, a study documented in the Journal of Anatomy in 2008 referenced this breed’s bite strength at 328 pounds! That is pounds of pressure the dog can exert when chomping down! Geez!  The Mastiff has the largest head and widest jaw of all breeds and can usually bite harder than any other breed. One Mastiff was measured as having a bite of 552 pounds. That is close to the bite strength of the King of the Jungle, the lion!  Nice doggy!

The Husky claims the HIGHEST ENDURANCE award, as this larger, more muscular dog is known for its stamina and endurance.  In 1963, a Siberian husky by the name of Charlie was heralded as the strongest dog alive, pulling a 3,142 pound sledge!

Now, when measuring speed over distance, the Greyhound takes the lead. With a lean physique and long legs, he can top nearly 37 miles per hour when running!

The STRONGEST SWIMMER award goes to the Newfoundland, often regarded as the ultimate water rescue dog because of its strength, it fondness for the water and its uncanny swimming ability. This dog was built for swimming – just take note of its webbed feet, strong and powerful legs and thick coat. Even on land, this breed strikes a daring presence, as it can reach up to 150 pounds in weight with high muscle density.

As for you humans, I am sure many of you enjoy keeping fit but are no means a complete and total gym rat. Take inspiration from these dogs to get fit!  Don’t worry, though. You are in good company. The resident cat, Party Marty, is not necessarily known for his Hulk-like presence, either. However, he can still see his belly button when he looks down…sort of!

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