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Cats vs. Dogs: Who Rules?

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Party Marty here, back on the scene and awakening from his nap to enlighten his readers before he retreats to his usual spot in the warm embrace of the sun:

Hey!  TGIF once again! I love Fridays! The weekend is here! I am so excited, as we all know those first five days after the weekend are killer! It  has been quite a demanding week, but, then again, when you are as busy as I am maintaining a blog, running a business and keeping that pesky canine Jessie in line, time to relax is a rare opportunity.

Because I am in such a good mood today, I feel like singing my praises. Well, not just MY praises, but the praises of all things feline. Let’s face it. Cats are cool…in so many ways. And if you are a genuine cat lover, then you know without a shadow of a doubt that we are far superior to dogs. (And in Jessie’s defense, I will allow her equal opportunity to post as to why dogs are better than cats, but expect that post to be minimal, at best, and short-lived!)

While catching up on my favorite online videos this week, I came across a feature on that suggests exactly why cats are better than dogs, and from that article I extracted a few tidbits to support my position and enlighten yours!  Here goes…

  • Cats will treat your guests politely. When people come to your door, cats keep a good, but observational, distance away. Dogs, however, will run to the door, bark, leap, dance around and otherwise make their presence known…annoyingly so. Cats are less intrusive and prefer to inspect guests from greater distances. If we are interested, we’ll come around. Otherwise, don’t expect to be bothered by us.
  • Cats smell better than dogs. Yep!  Take a clean dog outside for just one minute and what do you get? A stinky dog! That’s just the way it goes. No matter how much shampoo and soap you use on your dog, he will quickly begin to elicit that familiar dog odor. Cats, however, are not such an assault on the senses, thanks to our self-cleaning habits.
  • Cats are funnier than dogs. Sure, there are plenty of dog videos out there that can make you laugh, but those dogs try to so hard. Cats don’t even have to try. Heck!  Sometimes we don’t even know we are being funny. We can strike a pose; get in a mood; or just walk around and somehow can make the seemingly ordinary funny. Plus, our inclination towards curiosity often puts us in positions to do things that, to the human eye, are hilarious. You’re welcome!
  • Cats are natural insect repellants. While Fido over there might be shaking his leg at the flies swarming around him, the creepy crawlers don’t stand a chance around us. We are born exterminators! If there’s a spider on the wall or a bug on the window screen, just give us a minute and it will be gone! When it comes to pests, it’s “game on” for us!

Well, I could go on and on, but I don’t want to sound like I am bragging. You be the judge….are cats better than dogs?  You know my answer, but just don’t ask Jessie!



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