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Does Your Dog Have A Job?

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Is your Border Collie being mischievous? Is your German Shepherd digging under the fence? Is your Labrador Retriever driving you crazy by bringing you the ball? These are all examples of a bored working dog that needs something to do.

Often a new dog owner will have a dog that’s a working breed, but their lifestyle does not give the dog the exercise and work that he needs.

Following are some ideas to give your working dog a job.

Go for a daily walk or jog.  Begin with a 30 minute walk.  If that doesn’t seem to be enough, work toward an hour.  You’ll be surprised at the benefits for your dog and for your waistline. If you are a jogger, take your dog with you. Depending on his physical condition you may need to condition him for longer runs but it will be good for both of you.

Play Frisbee.  If you have a dog that enjoys Frisbee, teach him to catch a Frisbee and spend some time every day playing. If you both enjoy the Frisbee game there are clubs you can join in most major cities that include training and competition.

Obedience training.  Schedule 2-3 daily training sessions with your dog,  Keep sessions short, no more than 15 minutes per session. It’s surprising how much of your dog’s energy a 15 minute obedience session can burn.

Toys.  There are several different toys that will challenge your dogs mind while he tries to figure out how to get a treat. Check out your local pet store or check online for puzzle toys for dogs.

Swimming. If your dog enjoys swimming, take him to the river or your own pool if you have one. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise humans and it works for dogs as well.

The key is to get your dog up and busy. If your dog has a job or is exercised well you will have less problems with him at home.

A trained dog is a happy dog and an exhausted dog is even happier. So get out there and do something fun with your dog.


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