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Vacation Time? Discover the Many Dog-Friendly Destinations Across the USA!

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Bolt, Yorkie-Poo guest blogger, here to help you make some summer vacation plans that can include your dog!

Do you enjoy the freedom of the open road?  Are you longing to just hop into the car and let the highways take you where they will? Sounds like fun, but what if you want to bring your beloved dog along for the ride? Will that limit the places to which you can go?

According to, there are numerous places that you can visit with your trusty sidekick in tow. Fortunately, dogs are being received more frequently with open arms at many attractions across the country, including beaches and historical places of interest.  Here are a few hot spots to consider when making plans for your next big adventure…

San Diego…A real slice of Heaven on Earth, this southern California destination boasts a wealth of dog parks and dog-friendly beaches, a couple of which also allow your dog to be off-leash, such as Coronado Beach and Ocean Beach.  Want to go kayaking while there? Go ahead! Your dog can join you, and when it is time to get some grub, he can accompany you at one of the outdoor restaurants.

Boston…Dogs can accompany you on the subway here. Enjoy a walk together on the Freedom Trail, which encompasses years of US history. Then, your dog can explore the off-leash area in Boston Common Park while you take in the sights of the beautiful gardens.

Seattle…Dogs are welcome all over this grand city, even on the bus and ferry! The Washington Park Arboretum is a lush green space that invites you to explore with your dog, too. Then head over to Pike Place Market together. The people watching there is never boring!

Austin…Texas is such a friendly place and is known for making dogs feel special when they come to visit. You will find tons of dog-friendly dining and sleeping spots, as well as many jogging trails along the Colorado River. Austin is also home to several off-leash parks.

Chicago…If you want to hang around the Midwest, this city knows how to make dogs feel special. Montrose Dog Beach is a very popular off-leash place right on Lake Michigan. If canoeing or kayaking is more your speed, visit Chicagoland Canoe Base where dogs are always welcome. Heck!  You both can even enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride for a tour of the city if you are too tired to walk!

Colorado Springs…The majesty of the mountains is calling you! This dog-loving town offers you a cornucopia of outdoor fun, including dog-friendly hiking trails, parks, shops and more. You and your buddy can also take a ride on the horse-drawn trolley at Buckskin Joe Frontier Town and Railway.

Be sure to do some more research online and discover all of the amazing places in the USA that invite you and your dog to enjoy a memorable vacation together! These just represent a mere sampling of what is out there. So…pack your bags and let’s roll!





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