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Is it Time for a Doggie’s Day Out?

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Jessie, the fun loving and playful pooch here to dish on something very important and extremely necessary!  Dogs need to take a break and have some fun just like humans do!  I found this great web site called where an article by Sherry Woodard brings to light great ways you could have fun with your dog!  Take one day a week or one day a month to make it a Doggie’s Day Out you can share together!  You will both have fun! Here are some terrific ideas! 

  • Go backpacking with your dog! Isn’t it time to escape the every day? I mean, a dog can only sleep, lounge, bark and eat for so long. We need a break from the routine!  Take us out on the trails for a day of hiking and sight seeing! However, before you do this type of activity, you might want to ease into it. Make sure your dog has some kind of fitness conditioning beforehand.  Further, make sure that wherever you plan to leave tracks that dogs are allowed on the trails.  Some might allow dogs but also might require special permits.  Be sure to carry a first aid kit for you and your dog and be trained on how to administer the basics of first aid should you or your dog become injured. Be sure to bring enough water for the two of you, as well!
  • Take a day trip! Get the car ready and hop in!  Most dogs love to ride in the car. If you are going to visit friends or family, bring your dog along…provided you check with your friends and family first!  En route, make a special stop at a doggie treat store or pet store to do some shopping with your dog.  Go ahead…indulge your beloved pet a bit!  We really don’t mind! We especially love to browse in those pet stores that allow dogs to come in and shop!
  • What self-respecting dog doesn’t appreciate a visit to the dog park? We can roam free. We can run and have fun in a protected area and all you have to do is watch us…take a few photos if you wish…and clean up our poop! (Bring extra bags in case they are not provided on site!) We can meet new friends, too!  If you have a small dog, some dog parks actually have special areas to accommodate a petite size! Bigger dogs might frighten him or become too rough while playing, unintentionally hurting your little guy.
  • Play some hide and seek games if you are stuck inside.  Find a toy…or even an old (but clean!) sock.  Put a treat in it. Hide it and let the fun begin!

There are so many fun and creative ways to spend time with your dog. Just put your imagination to work and have at it!  You will both benefit from the temporary escape from the every day!  We promise not to complain!


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