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6 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Him This Valentine’s Day!

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love your cat

Party Marty here! Love is in the air!  Do you feel it? Of course you do, as I am in the house! It is Valentine’s Day, and this lovable cat wants to share what is on his heart with you today!  February 14th is a great day to celebrate your pet….mainly, your cat!  Of course you love your cat, but how do you show him you love him?

Oh, there are countless ways, but if you truly love your cat, here are a few suggestions from

Cuddle time

Let your cat sit on your lap while you read or watch TV!  We love the comfort and the attention.

Pillow Share

Share a pillow with us at night as you lay your weary head down to sleep.

Quiet Time

This is one of my favorite things to do with my human. Just sit with us in peace and quiet and appreciate our unwavering adoration of you…as we will appreciate your adoration for US!


Give your cat a head to tail massage. Not only does this feel amazing to us, but it also helps to lower our blood pressure…and yours, too! Plus, in doing so, it gives you the opportunity to do a quick health assessment, as you can use this time to see if there are any matts or unusual lumps and bumps that may require veterinarian attention!

Brush Time

Although we spend about half the day grooming ourselves, nothing says loving like getting a good combing or brushing from YOU! I LOVE it when my human brushes me.  It feels great and my coat looks really shiny afterward.


Pay attention to your cat.  Respond to his purrs and requests for attention.

See?  It is easy to love your cat. We gave you our hearts when we came into your life. Be sure to return the favor in kind!



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