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So Many Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Pet!

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Jessie, the world’s most lovable dog…and most wise…and most adorable…and most loving…and most, well, you get it. As you may still be recovering from your Thanksgiving feast overload of yesterday, I am here to serve you a new dish…a platter full of reasons why you should be grateful for your dog! (Okay, your cat, too, but the dogs in the world really are the cat’s meow! HA!)

Thanks to (and thanks to my own knowledge simply by virtue of being a dog!), here are some reasons why you should be ever so grateful for that furry, four-legged friend of yours:

**We always give you a reason to smile…well, when we aren’t making a mess somewhere.
**We are your best bud for life…your BFF…through thick and thin!
**We love to cuddle with you for hours on the couch and will even sit through a Netflix marathon with you.
**We are non-judgmental and won’t tell you if those jeans make your hindquarters look big or if that tie does not match your shirt.
**We are your on-call playmate, ready for a game of catch on a moment’s notice!
**When you leave, we really do miss you.
**When you return, whether you have been gone for an hour or a week, we give you the best homecoming greeting ever!
**We offer you unconditional love. We don’t care if you have messy hair, stinky breath or if you are in a bad mood. We are there for you, 24/7.

Now, where else can you find such love and affection?


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