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How to Avoid Sharing Thanksgiving Day with Your Veterinarian! (Foods Not Fit For Pets!)

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to share in the wonder of the Thanksgiving holiday with you:

This is a time for reflection and for giving thanks for the many blessings we have, and I know that many of our faithful readers count among those blessings the unwavering love and companionship of their furry friends. Yes, it is nice to include them in the celebration of the season, but when you find yourself tempted to feed them “just a bite” from the Thanksgiving feast, please keep in mind that the following human goodies can be harmful, if not deadly, to your pets:

1.) Turkey skin. High in fat, the skin holds marinade, spices, butter and oils that are very difficult for your pet to digest. Ingestion of turkey skin can lead to pancreatitis, vomiting, abdominal pain and overall lethargy.
2.) Cooked bones. Ham and turkey bones can splinter and harm the digestive tract of your pet. Please do not share these with him.
3.) Alcohol. While some dogs actually enjoy the taste of beer, please keep your beverages away from him, as they can be quite toxic and can even lead to death in your pet.
4.) Onions and garlic. Again, these are quite toxic to your pet and can lead to anemia.
5.) Sage. This culinary herb contains essential oils and can lead to stomach upset in your pet.
6.) Nuts. Yes, these are yummy and good for you, but for your pet, they can spell danger, especially walnuts and macadamia nuts. Within 12 hours of ingestion, your pet may begin to vomit, experience tremors, become weak and unable to stand, and while this typically resolves itself, it can lead to deadly shock.
7.) Chocolate, dough and batter. We all know that chocolate is a big no-no for pets. Very toxic. Also, if your pet consumes dough, it can actually rise in his stomach and create intestinal distress. The raw eggs in batter might contain salmonella. So…please keep your treats to yourself.

Enjoy your holiday feast without compromising the health of your pet. I suspect the last thing you want to do on this exciting day is make a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

Hug your pets for me! Happy Thanksgiving! And special thanks to for this helpful information!


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