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Marty on stairsAfter my beloved tabby boy Bo died January of last year I didn’t know if or when I would adopt another cat.  I adored Bo, and the bond we shared was so special I didn’t think there would even be a remote chance of another cat coming into my life.

As luck would have it, through my various social media connections, I became aware of some cats that were in danger of being euthanized because of space limitations at a Kansas City area shelter.  One of those in danger was Marty.  I looked at his picture online, saw that he met all the criteria I would be looking for if/when I ever decided to adopt again.  After much thought, I decided Bo would want me to help another kitty, so off to the shelter I went to rescue Marty.

When I got to the rather dismal looking shelter, I asked to be taken to Marty.  There were several cats that came up to greet me, all vying for my attention, but Marty was nowhere to be seen.  In talking with the shelter volunteer, Marty was in danger because of his shyness.  He would hide when people came to visit so he wasn’t being seen like the others were, thus lowering his chances of ever being adopted.

The volunteer asked if I wouldn’t rather adopt one of the cats that was so vocal, meowing at me to spring them from that place, but I stood firm and told the volunteer I’d come for Marty and would be leaving with him.

Once we arrived home, Jessie wasn’t sure what to make of the new arrival.  I gave Marty his own space, complete with food/water and litter box.  He hung out there for a few days, then gradually I allowed him access to the rest of the house.  It took a few weeks, but he eventually started hanging out with Jessie and me more frequently.

It’s been a little over a year and Marty has grown quite a bit socially.  He still hides when the doorbell rings or if he hears an unfamiliar voice in the house, but with Jessie and I he makes his presence known regularly.  He has quite a sense of humor, has learned to play catch and is even talking to me often.

Looking back, I find it so hard to believe such a fun, sweet and handsome boy would’ve been euthanized just because he was shy.  June is Adopt A Cat Month, so please consider adopting a shelter kitty, it can truly be a wonderful thing!


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