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Pets Can Still Be Styling Despite the Heat!

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Jessie, the dog who prefers shade to sun, with a few tips for your pet on these hot spring-into-summer days:

It’s hot outside, right? And it’s probably only going to get hotter. Now while I do prefer my indoor environment, my air conditioning and the fact that Marty the cat (my humble servant!) may occasionally fan me, I do realize the importance and necessity of taking your pets outdoors during the day.

If you know me by now, you know that I am a stylish one, always dressed for the occasion and will never let you see me sweat, so if your pet is a like-minded creature, here are a few tips for keeping them cool without sacrificing style:

Consider giving your dog a lightweight summer haircut. This will help to prevent over-heating. Shave him down to one-inch length …not all the way to the skin…so he still has some sun protection. He will feel cooler and carefree! For cats, brushing more often than you usually do can help with overheating issues.

If you are inclined to use some sort of sunscreen or insect repellant on your pet, please make sure it is labeled as pet-friendly.

On a side note, if anyone knows of any Marty the Cat repellant, I could use some!

Thanks to for this helpful insight! (Just don’t let them know I referred to Marty as I did! Our little secret!)


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