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Rainy Day Fun With Your Dog

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Rainy day dog fun

Here in the Kansas City area, we’ve had a couple days of virtually non-stop rain.  This puts a cramp in the normal walking routine for dogs, but as the July issue of Dog Fancy suggests, there are some fun activities you can do inside with your dog.  Check out these suggestions:

Designate toys as “rainy day” only.  Set aside a couple of toys to play with ONLY on rainy days.  Make sure to store them in a separate place from the normal toy bin.  Dogs tend to get bored with toys they see all the time, so bringing these toys out only on rain days will keep him playing longer.

Designate treats as “rainy day” only.  Similar to the toys above, save some treats your dog really loves for rainy days.  He’ll enjoy them more and work harder to get them because they aren’t common to him.

Set up a play room.  Dogs can get a little stir crazy if cooped up for too long, so if you have a room you can clear out of any breakables, set up a play room.  Play tug or ball in the room so your dog can burn up some energy.

Teach your dog some exercises.  Try teaching your dog some new “down, sit, down” exercises that will keep him moving and burn some energy.  A variation of this, if you have the room, is to set up a mini agility course that will have your pet literally jumping through hoops (if you have them).

Go outside and play.  Yes, it’s messy but it can be a lot of fun!  Keep clean up supplies handy and go have fun with your dog.



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