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It’s Tornado Season! Are Your Pets Protected?

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Jessie, the responsible dog: Well, it’s tornado season! What are you going to do? If you are Party Marty, the crazy cat, you run outside and play in the storm like a fool. If you are like me, you plan ahead…like this:

Find a safe area in your home large enough for your family and pets…usually a basement or the room most interior to your home on the lowest level.

Do some practice drills getting the family together quickly during calm weather. To keep the place pet-friendly, remove any dangerous tools or toxic products.

Have a crate for every animal at the ready. If possible, place these underneath a sturdy piece of furniture.

Be aware of your pet’s usual hiding places so you can find them in an emergency.

Be sure to have your pet properly tagged with identification.

After the storm has passed, keep your pets on leashes or in their crates until you are certain it is safe. Be aware of any objects that could cause harm to your pet. Keep pets away from any food or water sources that may have been contaminated during the storm and keep them away from power lines that have gone down and from any strewn debris.

As their environment may have become somewhat altered, allow your pets time to sniff around and get comfortable again to avoid confusion on their part.

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