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Weekend at the Expo

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I participated in the Great KC Pet Expo this past weekend and made some great connections. Followoing are some of the products, services and organizations I learned about through the Expo.

In the booth next to me was a team with a pet product line called Smoochable Rupert.  The product originated in the Kansas City area and is manufactured locally as well.  Products include pet dental spray (for both dogs and cats) and pet shampoo (unscented).  I’ll be writing more about them in the near future, but if you’d like to check them out now, go to

An organization I wasn’t aware of until the Expo is Johnson County Animal Response Team (JoCART).  This is a nonprofit dedicated to helping animals after a disaster.  They set up temporary veterinary relief shelters in disaster areas, work to reunite lost pets with their owners and coordinate animal evacuation activities.  For  more information on JoCART, go to

The Kansas City Ferret Hotline information on care of ferrets, fostering for homeless ferrets and helps coordinate boarding for ferrets whose owners are out of town temporarily.  For more information, go to

I also met a couple of great ladies from the KC area that happen to blog about pets.  Emily Hawkins authors a blog called Waldo Bungle and you can check it out at  Crystal Wayward authors a great blog called Wayward Dogs, check it out at

Here are some of the people and dogs seen at the Expo:

Weekend at the Expo_two dogs

Weekend at the Expo_Man with service dog

Weekend at the Expo_Man with his cool dogs


It was a great time, met lots of nice people and pets and learned a lot too!


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