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Is Your Dog A Bed Hog?

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Sleeping with pets

There are lots of people who allow their dogs to sleep up in the bed with them, but there are some good reasons to have your dog sleep off the bed.

Allergies.  If you are allergic to dogs you are actually allergic to their dander, which is a combination of the skin flakes, saliva, urine and other things that attach themselves to what your dog sheds every day. The hair is only a bonus. When a dog sleeps on the bed he leaves dander behind, making life more difficult for allergy-sufferers. Unless an allergy-sufferer wants to wash their bed linens and pillowcases each day, keeping the dog off the bed is the easiest way to manage the dander.

Dogs get dirty.  They get dirty and can also carry fleas, ticks and other pests onto your bed. There’s still the dirt factor. Most people don’t bathe their dogs daily so your dog is going to be dirty from sometimes and that dirt will be on your bed.

Dogs are bed hogs.  No matter how small the dog, he is a bed hog. Dogs can push you out of bed, take all the covers, and try to take the pillows. Dogs expand as soon as they get on a bed.

These are all good reasons for a dog to have his own bed.  Try to choose a bed that you think your dog will enjoy and use. For most dogs a nice rectangular dog bed with supportive material inside will be fine. You or your dog may prefer a circular bed.

If your dog is a senior look for a bed with egg crate foam or an orthopedic bed that distributes his weight well. This will help him if he has arthritis or if he has trouble getting up out of his bed. Heated beds are also beneficial.

Beds with cedar filling are also a good choice for some dogs. In some cases the side of the bed can be unzipped and fresh cedar can be put inside when it needs to be refreshed.

Beds that can be unzipped for washing are a good choice.

Look for a bed that is large enough for your dog and allow him to curl up in comfort. It’s better for the dog bed to be too large rather than too small. If you have more than one dog then two dogs may enjoy cuddling together on one large doggy bed.

Your dog can be very happy with his own bed if you choose one he likes.



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