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Never Let a Dog Run a Lawn Care Business!

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why dogs bury bones

Marty Party, back on the Friday scene and here to dispense immeasurable advice for pet owners everywhere:  I am a cat. I use a litter box. Simple enough, right? I wreak no havoc on your lawn. But then we have Fido and Rover who take care of business outside. If you have a yard, then you know that when dogs take care of their business out there, the remaining results are not the most favorable elements to put on your grass.

Sometimes it is tough to have a dog and a nice lawn at the same time. According to an article I found on, the truth is….man’s best friend is not the lawn’s best friend.

Let me just say this: Dogs should never own a lawn maintenance company as they have no idea as to how to treat the grass with care. So, if you love your dog AND your lawn, here are some things to keep in mind.

Dogs can damage lawns by digging, chewing, rolling and running. Also, their poop can smear the gorgeous landscape, but most of the damage comes from their urine, not their feces. High in nitrogen, dog urine can burn the roots of your grass and create brown, dead spots, especially if your dog urinates in the same spot time and time again.

Be sure to water the lawn in the spot where the dog takes his potty break. Take a jug of water out with you when you take your dog out and then cover the area with the water after his business is completed. This will dilute the nitrogen. Take your dog for a walk first thing in the morning and in the evening, as these are the times when his urine contains the most nitrogen. Or, at least pick a less-visible spot on the lawn and train your dog to use this area only.

If you have a dog that repeatedly tears up your lawn along a fence or border, consider installing a rock bed along the bottom of the fence to deter that activity.

While I could argue that all of the above is solid testament to own a cat, I realize that dogs bring lots of love and joy to your life. Cats may rule, but dogs can be pretty cool, too. (I can’t believe I just said that! Fridays make me delirious!)



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