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Holiday Fun with Your Pets! They Want to Celebrate, Too!

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Party Marty here! TGIF! Just a few more days until Christmas!  Stressed yet? I’m not! I always have everything under control.  However, did you know your pets can pick up on your stress?  If you feel your nerves beginning to fray, why not take a break and do some fun stuff with your pets this holiday season?  Take a breather! Relax! It’s only the holidays!  I took a page from and am here to enlighten you with my wisdom.

Your pets love those sparkly and bright decorations just as much as you do!  Bundle yourself up – and your pet, too – and take a walk around your neighborhood to admire all of the Christmas displays!

If you are fortunate to get some snow, go outside and run through it with your pet.  Burn off some excess energy! Of course, be sure to dry your pet off immediately after coming in to keep him warm and healthy.

Socialize! Many local animal shelters have special holiday activities lined up that include games, obstacle courses and play rooms for smaller animals, such as cats and rabbits. Go online and check your city or county’s web pages for ideas or visit social media sites that may have information about local holiday pet events.

Have friends with pets? Invite them over for a fun night of treats and activities. Schedule a pet treat exchange and then go for a walk with everyone. Better yet…for you cat lovers, bring out the laser pointers and have some fun!

If you are hosting a holiday party at your home for your friends, be sure to schedule some time with your pet beforehand to go for a brisk walk or run. Then, have some toys available in the room where you will keep them to entertain your pets and distract them while you host your party.

Another fun idea is to have Christmas photos taken of you and your pet!

Remember!  Just enjoy the season and go with the flow! It really doesn’t have to be stressful! And when you hug your pet, it immediately brings down your stress level. So bring on the hugs! We can never get too many of those!


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