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3 Fitness Apps For Dogs

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Have you noticed your dog has put on some weight?  With pet obesity on the rise, it’s important to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise to keep his weight at a healthy level.  The December 2013 issue of Dog Fancy provided information on three dog fitness apps:

  • MapMyDOGWALK.  This app uses your phone’s built-in GPS technology to track your route, measuring duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation.  You can upload the data to and view a summary of your walks.  Free on iTunes and Google Play
  • Thank Dog!  Mobile.  To get maximum benefit from this app, your dog must know four commands:  Heel, Sit, Down and Stay.  If your dog doesn’t know the commands, the app includes how-to videos to help you teach your dog.  This app includes 20 hour long routines mixing strength, cardio, and dog training.  Throughout the workout, there is voice instruction and you can create playlists to accompany the exercises.  Images of the exercises are also provided.  GPS tracking records how far you walk with your dog.  99 cents on iTunes
  • Purina Pro Plan P5.  This app tracks your dog’s weekly fitness level.  You can customize the settings for your dog, including his name, age, breed and weight, then log his walks and playtime.  The app provides goal setting and tracking on your dog’s progress.  There’s also a library of 37 videos on topics such as agility, basic obedience and running.  You can also share your dog’s achievements on Twitter and Facebook.  Free on iTunes

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