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Is There An Indestructible Dog Toy?

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If you’re a dog owner then you have probably had the pleasure of buying toys for your dog. It’s not fun to watch your dog destroy them in 30 seconds, though! There are lots of toys that claim to be indestructible, but are there really indestructible dog toys?

Some dogs will love and cherish their toys, carry them around and even sleep with them. They would never dream of ripping the head off their favorite toy. On the other hand, there are some dogs who love nothing more than seeing how fast they can remove the face from any stuffed animal you offer them. It’s a different style of play. Some dogs like to nurture and some dogs enjoy playing by exercising their prey drive.

If you have one of the dogs who likes to exercise his jaws and eviscerate toys then you may go through a lot of toys. Most toys are not designed to hold up to these toy-killers. Soft rubber toys, squeaky toys and stuffed animals will all come apart fairly quickly when a dog really wants to destroy them.

However, some toys do claim to be indestructible. The Kong toys, which come in lots of different sizes and styles, are virtually indestructible, but even these hard rubber toys can be beaten by some dogs. If you give a small Kong to a large dog with strong jaws who is intent on chewing it to pieces, the Kong can, in fact, be torn. It may take a long time, but it can happen.  If you buy a large, appropriately-sized Kong for a large dog then your dog will probably not be able to destroy it.

Jolly balls or large toy balls for horses can make good toy balls for dogs. These balls are big and they are tough enough for horses to play with so it seems impossible for dogs to destroy them.

Hard plastic Nylabones are durable and virtually impossible for a dog to destroy. They can survive nearly anything. These are the non-edible Nylabones as opposed to the edibles.

In general, if you are looking for indestructible dog toys, look for hard rubber and hard plastic toys. These toys hold up much better to destructive dogs than toys designed for gentler play. Always make sure that you buy bigger toys rather than smaller ones. Toys will last longer if your dog can’t get the entire toy in his mouth.

Although your dog destroys stuffed toys or toys with squeakers doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them. On the contrary! He probably really loves them. Consider sewing them back up for your dog, he won’t mind. You can also buy second hand stuffed animals at your local Goodwill for less than a dollar. This is an economical way to satisfy your dog’s love for stuffed toys. Just be sure to remove the eyes or anything that might be attached with wire.

Rotate toys often so your dog doesn’t get bored with his toys, and inspect toys often to ensure there are no loose or missing parts that your dog might swallow.

Your dog will love whatever toys you give him. The most important part of play time with your dog is spending a little time playing with him yourself.



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