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Great Dane: Is This The Dog Breed For You?

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Great DaneA Great Dane is a lot of things: Majestic, stately, massive. and lanky. They are known for their gentle nature and good personality, but is a Great Dane the right dog for you?

The more appropriate question might be: Are YOU the right human for a Great Dane? Are you in a position to take on the care-giving responsibilities that come with ownership of such a dog? Below are several matters to consider before taking on a Great Dane.

A Great Dane is a dog that is intuitive to your moods and tone of voice. They are eager to please you. They don’t require harsh scolding. They are far more responsive to praise and commendation.

Before adding a Great Dane to your family, consider not only his personality and character, but your own. If you tend to be impatient or easily frustrated, a Great Dane may not be the breed for you.


We’re talking about an enormous dog that needs a lot of space. Great Danes like to be with their people and may be apt to follow you around. He may lie down at your feet and trip you when you get up. Make sure you have the temperament to deal with his close proximity.

Outdoor space needs to be considered also. He will need to stretch those long legs. Ideally you will have a yard that will accommodate that need. If not, plan on lots of long walks.

Warning: Great Danes drool a LOT!  It’s a must to keep towels handy all around the house to keep drool under control.


When considering cost, be prepared financially for the costs of healthcare. Beyond basic yearly vaccinations and heart worm medication, also consider the costs of possible surgeries or unexpected health problems.

Vets generally charge by size in such matters and the bottom line can be mind-boggling for major surgery. Large dogs such as Great Danes are prone to hip dysplasia and other crippling disorders, so healthcare must be counted into the cost.

Great Danes also have big appetites, so food expense should be considered too.  Due to their size, Danes require HUGE kennels which can be quit costly as well.

If none of the factors are a problem, a large breed like a Great Dane may be a good fit for you. So do your homework first. Then enjoy welcoming this lovable breed into your life!


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