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Go Green and Get Clean! It’s Bath Time, Fido!

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Party Marty here! Yes, I am one cool cat, but you already knew that! Did you enjoy your New Year’s celebration? Did your pets get wild and crazy? Is it time to clean up the mess? If you want to get your pet started off on the right foot this year, start with a bath! Yes, you heard me! Clean up those furry, four-legged friends. I know, I know…it can be a hassle and many pets simply don’t like the water. Well, you are in luck, as I have a cleaning tip for you that is easy, environmentally-friendly and safe for your pet. Read on…

Does your cat smell the funk? Does the lingering aroma around Fido make you want to gag? Then grab some baking soda and get to work! This is a great option for dry bathing your pet. It’s great for cats, too, as you know how much we hate water. (I will, however, lounge by the pool on a warm summer’s day and flirt with the ladies!)

Here’s what you do: Sprinkle some of the baking soda onto your pet’s coat. Then, give his coat a thorough rundown with your hands. Next, use a gentle brush to spread the baking soda throughout the coat until the baking soda is gone.

Because this is non-toxic, you don’t have to worry if Fido licks himself and likes it.

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