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Tips To Keep Your Pet Organized

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English Bulldog

January is a time many of us focus on getting more organized, and our pets like to be part of the equation too.  Good Housekeeping has these tips for keeping your pet and his gear organized:

  • Bins are where it’s at, literally.  Put toys on bins and stow them out of sight when you have guests.  This time of year pets come in from outside with wet and/or muddy paws, so keep a towel close to the entryway, along with his leash, potty bags and treats.  A brush for your dog and lint brush for you are a good idea too!
  • Put pet beds in a corner of the room or other location your pet will feel secure.  Look for a bed with a washable removable cover, and wash once a month or so to keep odors at bay.
  • Rubber place mats keep food dishes from sliding around.  Also, consider a self-filling water bowl, it will create less work for you and ensures your pet will stay hydrated.
  • Keep a pet journal.  Having all of your pet’s information in one place is great if you’re having someone pet sit.  If your pet is traveling with you, have vaccination and other health records with you, along with any medications your pet takes regularly.


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