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Give Your Dog the Brush-Off: Tips to Help with Shedding

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Party Marty here! Yes!  It is Friday once again! And it is FINALLY bright, sunny, warm and clear! I can hear the lounge chair calling my name!  But first, I must attend to my post for the day.

If you live with a dog, especially the kind that sheds appreciably, then you know that can be a nuisance. Heaven knows I don’t like finding dog hair all over me when I head out for a fun night out on the town! I am a styling cat and always have to remain presentable.

According to the web site, no matter what kind of coat your dog has, you will most likely find some loose fur around your house when it is shedding time.  Take stock of these tips to make the cleanup of that hair easier:

  • Invest in a good brush. No, don’t use yours! There are so many types of brushes out there and what you use will depend upon the coat of your dog. A natural bristle brush is great for short coats while a pin brush is good for double coats and heavy shredders.
  • Keep a brush by the door to give you dog a good brushing when you go outside together. Regular brushing such as this will help to reduce the stray fur you might find around your house, in your car, on your clothes….you get the picture.
  • Keep the air moist.  When the weather is dry, run a humidifier to keep your dog’s skin moisturized and to prevent any loose fur from traveling too far.
  • Be sure to feed your dog high-quality food, as food can affect how much a dog sheds.
  • While bathing your dog is a good thing, don’t be overly zealous in this department, as in doing so, it can invite even more shedding.
  • Have some lint rollers on hand and purchase a pet-quality vacuum to get rid of all the loose fur in the house.

And one more thing…if at all possible, have the dog vacuum the rug…it’s the least he can do! DO NOT ask the cat to do it!  We have enough responsibilities on our plate, what with all of the napping, sunning, resting, grooming and eating we must do!



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