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Five Reasons Small Dogs Rule!

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As a person who has a small dog family member, I must admit there was a time I considered small dogs as yappy, demanding little creatures, but Jessie has definitely changed my mind!  She rarely if ever barks, and is easy to get along with…..most of the time.

Here are some reasons small dogs rule:

  • They can’t reach the counter, so you won’t have to worry about counter surfing like you would with a large breed dog
  • Small dog don’t eat as much, so costs to feed them are less
  • When it comes to clean-up while on walks, it’s much easier to clean up after small breeds than large breeds.  Trust me on this one, I speak from personal experience!
  • Many apartment complexes, even though they are pet-friendly, limit the size/weight of dog residents may have living in the apartment with them.
  • Small dogs are easier to take with you.  If you’re flying, small dogs can fit under the seat, so they don’t have to ride in the plane’s cargo area.

ChihuahuaOn the down side, because of their “cuteness” factor, many small dog owners go to extremes spoiling their dog.  The dog is often treated like a human rather than a dog, which creates behavior problems.

Another factor to consider with small dogs is their fragility.  Many small dogs weigh five pounds or less, so it’s not a good idea to have them around small children that may too play roughly and injure the dog.

Are you a small dog fan?  Please leave a comment and tell us about them.


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