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Pets in Your Wedding? You Can Say “I Do” to That If You Are Properly Prepared!

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Jessie, – blog expert, fashion guru, bridal expert, and all-knowing dog: Yes, I wear many hats. It’s all a part of my charm. This holiday season, I have my suspicions that many marriage proposals will be extended all over the world. The hopeful groom-to-be will present a spectacular ring under the most romantic of circumstances to his love. Once she says “YES!”, and the wedding plans commence, will those plans include the couple’s pet(s) in the ceremony?

Since so many people with pets treat them as members of the family, many couples choose to have their furry friends as part of the wedding tradition. Here are a few tips from to help you on that special day as your tail-wagging friends join in the fun.

*Whether recognized as a guest of honor at the ceremony, standing by the side, or taking an active part in the process, consider your pet’s personality and if this will be a fun experience for him. Is he comfortable and obedient around people? There are no guarantees that his usual behavior will remain the same on your big day. All of the excitement and activity can cause a bit of anxiety and apprehension in even the most well-behaved of pets.

*Consider hiring a pet sitter to guide your dog around the guests. If your pet is especially skittish, consider putting him in a wagon or just having someone carry him. If he tends to be overly-affectionate or easily distracted, a short lease is a great idea.

*Make sure that the location of your nuptials allows pets on site. If that is not possible, you can at least include him in your after-ceremony photographs.

*At the reception, consider putting photos of your pet on the table number cards or do something creative for favors, like a “Doggy Bag” favor bag.

*If you plan to dress your dog, say, in a tux….keep it simple and comfortable. A bowtie for a male dog on the collar is great, as is a flower on the collar of a female dog. Also, be sure the flowers and plants at your wedding are not toxic to your pet.

*Be sure to let your guests know via the invitation that your pet will be a part of the ceremony. Some people are allergic to pet dander and this could cause a problem.

*Be sure to let the photographer know, as well. He can brainstorm great photo ideas for you as well as remain at the ready for those spontaneous photos…..the dog steals a piece of food from the reception area or licks your nose as you attempt to kiss your new spouse.

*Above all, hire a pet sitter to help out with your pet on the day of the ceremony. You will have enough things to think about that day.

As for the honeymoon, well, keep that pet sitter handy at home. You will have better things to do! And your pet will have a blast being cared for back home by someone you trust.


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