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“Yeah….There’s an App for That!”

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Party Marty, the cool cat, back on the scene: It’s too cold to hang outside this morning, so I caught some waves inside. Well, I was surfing…the web, that is. I came across an article on about some great mobile app devices for pet owners. Like they say, “Yeah, there’s an app for that!”

The following apps are available for the iPhone, iPod, or iPad:

*Dog Park Finder Plus. This app lists more than 6,000 dog parks and beaches in North America. It also provides a list of over 12,000 dog-friendly restaurants. (Marty clears his throat: “Excuse me…what about the cats???”)

*Fido Factor. This is a mobile guide to dog-friendly locations. (Marty: “As such, you will not find my home on that list!”)

*Pet Poison Help. This provides a quick list of poison, what to do and how to get help. (Marty: “Note to self. Remember this site!” Evil laugh ensues…)

*Find Pet Friendly Hotels. This app provides a list of over 10,000 pet-friendly hotels, along with weight limits, pet fees, dog parks and more.

*Game for Kittens. This is a chase-a-laser iPad game for cats and kittens. (Marty: “Now we’re talking!)

The following apps are available for the Android:

*VetFinder. This is a search engine dedicated to finding veterinarians and animal hospitals near you.

*Petcentric. This is a guide to pet-friendly places.

*PetSaver. This provides a wealth of information for taking care of pets, including pet CPR and first aid.

*PetWise Mobile. This app offers a plethora of medical information for pets.

I’m tired. Signing off for the day! Nap time. (Yeah, there’s an app for that, too, I bet!)



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