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Exercises that are “ABs”-olutely Great for You and Your Cat!

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Party Marty, the suave and sophisticated cat, checking out his profile in the mirror: Not bad. Not bad at all. Those winter months were not too hard on this bod! However, I bet there are some fat cats out there who could stand a bit of old-fashioned exercise before swim suit season is in full swing! (And their humans, too!) Here’s a fun exercise activity to do with your cat from which both of you will benefit:

Looking for a tummy toner that helps you and gets your cat moving at the same time? Do sit ups while holding a mini flashlight in each hand. When you are at the top position, tighten your ab muscles while simultaneously waivng the flashlight beams back and forth on the wall. Watch your cat chase them. Repeat. Again. More! Work it! Feel the burn! I’m done!
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