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Good-bye To A Friend

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ChandlerI found out today that a client, Chandler, had passed away.

When I first hime a couple of years ago, he was still adjusting to quite a few changes:  new house, new people, new dogs.  Although he had his grumpy times, overall he dealt with everything pretty well.

One of the biggest challenges for him was dealing with having a new puppy in house.  When Gigi arrived, she loved her big brother a lot, while big brother Chandler would bark and/or growl if she came anywhere near him.

Over time he adjusted and she learned his boundaries, they became pretty good friends.

The last time I saw Chandler he wasn’t getting around too well.  Age was catching up with him, he didn’t see as well as he used to, arthritis was slowing him down, but he still gave me a high-five with his front paw for treats and wagged his tail when he got petted just right.

I’m scheduled to stop by the house later this week and it won’t be the same with Chandler gone.  I will miss you, dear boy.  Take care!


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