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Buddy And A Princess

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The past two weeks I was hired to pet sit two cats, Buddy, who’d been adopted a few days before and Princess, the shy but established resident cat. Although Buddy was new on the scene, he seemed to adapt to his new environment very well. He was very social, greeting me at the door for every visit and sticking close to me while I was there.

Princess, on the other hand, chose to stay undercover. Since Buddy was a new arrival, the two were separated, with Princess staying in her person’s bedroom behind closed door and Buddy able to roam the rest of the apartment and get used to his new surroundings. I could tell Princess was okay, she was using her litter box and eating very well but chose to remain out of sight. I talked softly when I entered the room where Princess was, not wanting to startle her but she remained out of sight.

As the days turned into a week, the roles seemed to shift. Princess started to make very brief appearances when I’d bring in her food and water. She didn’t stay long, but I saw her visits as progress.  Buddy, on the other hand, became more insistent, crying in the hallway the entire time I was with Princess.

The last three days of the assignment, Princess decided to stay out for a while to visit with me, allowing me to pet her and giving her purr of approval to my presence. Buddy continued to be persistent, demanding attention and showing his upset at not having 100% of my time while I was in their home.

Social kitties are a lot of fun to hang out with, but it’s very rewarding when the very shy kitties like Princess decide to trust me enough to come out of hiding and spend time with me.  For me, that’s what the job is all about!

The picture with this post is of Buddy, I was afraid of spooking Princess if I tried taking a picture of her.


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