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Does Cat Urine REALLY Glow Under a Black Light? Only Bo Knows for Sure!

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to reflect on the wonder and beauty of cats:  It is always fun to learn interesting facts and tid bits about cats. Such wonderful and uniquely strange are these creatures all at the same time. Ponder the following, as discovered on

  • Cats must have fat in their diets as they are unable to produce it on their own.
  • Cats with a long and lean physique tend to be more outgoing than their stockier counterparts, which are typically more protective and vocal.
  • Cats can lose almost as much fluid in their saliva while grooming themselves as they do urinating!
  • Cats can spend nearly 30% of their lives just grooming themselves. (And you thought women were bad about this!)
  • A cat’s brain is more similar to the brain of a man than that of a dog. (I will reserve comment on this one as I can only imagine what some of you are already thinking if you are of the female persuasion!)
  • The two most popular names given to cats are “Tiger” and “Samantha.”
  • Cats respond most readily to names that end with the “ee” sound. (Guess I should have changed my name to Bowie!)
  • When cats drink, they lap up the liquid from the underside of their tongue and not from the top of it!
  • Cat urine glows under a black light. (I will wait here while you check it out and see for yourself!)


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