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The Perfect Way to Spend Your Tax Refund!

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Party Marty, the coolest cat on the block, back on the scene for some Friday night fun! Hey! What are you going to do with that upcoming tax refund? Why not spend it on one of these fancy dogs? Here are is a list of the top ten most expensive dogs. Be prepared to fork over some serious cash.   For this kind of money, I would expect these dogs to do more than just look good. Here you go…counting down from number 10 on the list…

…Akita – be prepared to cough up between $1500 – $4000

…Bearded Collie – this one is rocking a $1000 – $5000 price tag

…Pharaoh Hound – that will be $2500 – $6500, please

…Tibetan Mastiff – sliding in at a cool $2200 – $7000

…Rottweiler – you will need $2000 – $8000

…Chow Chow – this one can go from anywhere between $3000 – $8500

…English Bulldog – you can expect to pay anywhere from $2500 – $9000

…Samoyed – some of these go for as much as $11,000

…Cavalier King Charles – try nearly $14,000 with this one

…German Shepherd (Alsation)  – are you kidding me????  anywhere from $3000 – $24000

And finally, our dog, Jessie….free to a good home! (Oops…just kidding…how did she make the list? My bad!)

Remember, though…you can’t put a price tag on love, so no matter what the breed, it’s the love you get and give that matters most!


Rock on, dog lovers!


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