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As You Plan for 2015, Is Your Pet an Integral Part of that Plan?

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to spread more holiday cheer and also to enlighten you on certain important matters of pet care, now and in the years to come:

As we prepare to usher in another new year, we set our sights on the future. You probably have certain goals, dreams, and resolutions on your agenda for 2015. But what about your pet’s future? Have you considered that? Sure, we live in a day-to-day reality, not thinking much further along then the food bowl or water dish, but what would happen to your pet if something happened to YOU?

According to the web site, here are a few ideas you can set in motion to ensure that your pet’s future is under control.

Be sure to carry a pet alert card with you at all times, in your wallet or in your purse. That way, if something should happen to you, it will alert authorities that you have a pet or pets at home and the card should contain contact information of someone who can get to those pets in your absence.

Consider setting up a pet dossier, which is a document that contains relevant information about your pet that would prove to be valuable to a potential guardian or caregiver in your absence. The document should contain information about your pet’s habits, food preferences, medical conditions, medications taken, veterinary information/records and behavior around other pets, people and children. Keep this document in safe place with all of your other important papers.

So, as you prepare your agenda for 2015, be sure to include your pet(s), too! They should always be a part of the plan!

Have a great day!


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