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Be Sure Your Pet Buckles Up

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Are you planning to drive to a family holiday gathering, and take your pet with you?  If so, check out these tips to ensure safe arrival for you and your pet:

  • Although dogs love to stick their heads out the window while you’re driving, it can be dangerous due to flying debris that can injure their eyes.
  • Feed your pet several hours before you’re set to leave.  This will help prevent your pet from getting carsick.
  • Don’t leave your dog in a parked car.  It can get quite cold very quickly and leave them at risk for being stolen.
  • Be sure to stop periodically for potty breaks (every 3-4 is a good interval).  This is a chance for you to stretch your legs and give your dog a chance to go potty.  Make sure your dog is on a leash before opening the car door to let him out.
  • Pets should ride in the back seat, either in a harness or attached to the seat belt.  Regardless of your dog’s size, there are many options available to secure or restrain your pet including:  harnesses, carriers, pet car seats and vehicle barriers.

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays with your family and your pet!


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