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Traveling this holiday without your pet? Here are some benefits to using a pet sitting service!

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Jessie, the pampered pooch who prefers all of the comforts of home:  If your holiday plans this year involve traveling but don’t involve taking your pet, then consider the amazing benefits of using a pet sitting service as opposed to simply boarding your dog somewhere or entrusting your lovable, but sometimes forgetful, Aunt Gladys to stop by daily to check in on your dog or cat.

First of all, if you have a licensed and bonded pet sitter come to your home, your pet will be taken care of in familiar surroundings and this will greatly reduce his stress. After all, they are stressed enough because of your absence.

When cared for in his own home, your pet can readily stick to his diet and daily routine. No interruptions.

There’s no need to traumatize your pet by loading him up in the car and taking him somplace, only to drop him off and say, “Goodbye!” What if you never return to get us????  Oh, the drama!

Keep us at home and reduce our exposure to illness.  What pet owner wants a sick dog upon coming home from a vacation?

With a pet sitter, you have a reliable person to tend to your dog in accordance with your instructions. There are no worries that your somewhat irresponsbile next door neighbor or nephew will forget to stop by at the pre-determined times. Consistency will be maintained with a responsible pet sitter.

So, if you live in the Kansas City area, consider the trusted folks at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services. Your pets will love you for it! (And, no, I have not been paid to say this, unless, of course, you count that doggie treat earlier in the day! Yum!)

*Thanks to for some of this information! Thanks to me to making you aware of in-home pet sitting services and the amazing benefits!


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