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Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover in Your Life!

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Christmast tree and giftsJessie, the presumed pampered pooch! Okay…you’re making a list and checking it twice, trying to figure out who’s naughty and nice (and in this household, I can tell you I am the latter and not the former!), but you are stumped as you don’t know what to get that dog-loving friend, relative or neighbor of yours! Jessie to the rescue! Here are some fun holiday gift ideas for that person in your life who simply adores his or her dog!

  • How about a GPS for your dog?  Never worry about losing your beloved pet again with Tagg the Pet Tracker. You just attach it to your pet’s collar, and should he wander off to sights unseen, you can readily and confidently find him! has all the info.
  • Decorative treat jars….those are always fun…even more fun when they are filled with delicious dog treats for those  furry four-legged buddies!
  • How about some bling for the dog in the form of a blinged-out collar? It doesn’t have to be an every day collar, but something fun for those special occasions.  I fancy pink collars with sparkly crystals.
  • An adorable doggie picture frame with a fun photo of your friend and her dog already in the frame!
  • If you have an elderly or disabled friend or family member with a dog who cannot readily take the dog on walks, make coupons redeemable for free dog walking throughout the year!
  • Go chic with some designer ceramic dog bowls and mats available at We like to eat off fine china, too! HA!
  • A gift certificate to Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services! (Well, yeah, I had to throw this in here! It’s the perfect gift for those of you who live in the Kansas City area!)

Well, this is just food for thought.  Something to get you thinking! As for me, well, I hope to get a gift certificate for a full body massage and facial! I could use the relaxation time. That mangy cat Marty drives me nuts sometimes!


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